TimelessToday is becoming the preferred platform for all media conceived to learn more about the Knowledge taught by Prem Rawat. One can find on this site videos in English, French, Spanish, and Hindi.

If you prefer to use a mobile, a very high-quality app can be downloaded in which you will find all the content found on the computer and much more, like the very inspiring PEAK sessions. the PEAK sessions can be accessed through the application’s menu.

Explore the website and find a treasure,  Videos on TimelessToday.

On You Tube

A few YouTube Video Channels contain interesting clips on Peace.  Among them: the

TPRF Channel and the WOPG Channel

Webcasts of Events with Prem Rawat

Soon after their creation, videos from events with Prem Rawat can be viewed on your Web browser, iPhone, or iPod touch, on WOPG.

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Words of Peace Canada

Thanks to generous sponsors, archived videos are freely available on for you to share with friends or family and enjoy.

Videos are also accessible from Vimeo portfolios in English, in English with Chinese Subtitles and in Hindi.

English, French, Hindi and Chinese playlists can also be accessed and downloaded from the VIMEO Homepage of

A Beautiful WOPG Video

Your True Nature by “Words of Peace Global” from’s video library.
With Chinese subtitles.

Is your true nature the search for happiness?
Your true nature is not anger, nor fear, nor war, nor bitter, your true nature is sweet, it is peace, love, understanding, fulfillment and makes you shine!