Summer Party in St-Eustache: August 2019



Welcome to Sylvie’s summer party. This is a social meeting with short  video viewings.  A snack entirely prepared by Sylvie will be available all night long.
Everyone may bring their own alcoholic beverages; happiness is the norm and reservations mandatory.
If you want, you can prepare a little number so that we can enjoy your talent.

There will be no English translation at these French sessions. Videos will be presented with French voice-over.

  • When
    Saturday August 3rd 2019 at 7:30 PM
    To be invited, contact Sylvie.
  • Where
    100, 46th Avenue,
    St-Eustache, QC J7P 3H5
    Contact the session coordinator, Sylvie at
  • Features
    Videos of recent conferences given by Prem Rawat will be presented with French voice-over translation at this session.

    • “Do you know – Savez-vous” Duration: 24 minutes.
    • “A Simple Song – Un chant tout simple” Duration: 23 minutes.
    • Snack.
    • Music.
  • Google Map
    Click here for a Google map to reach the session.