Stephen de Lorimier runs marathons to make a difference


Stephen en action

Stephen de Lorimier is an architect and long-distance runner from Montreal in Quebec, Canada. Below he shares his perspective on running marathons to raise money for The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF).

At 62 years of age, I am grateful to have a good job and to be in good health. I love exercising, and I used to swim a lot before taking up running about six years ago. Last winter I had the idea to turn my races into a fundraising project for TPRF.

Stephen RunningIt’s a challenge for me to spread the word so people know they can contribute and support TPRF in this way. I announced my project on Facebook and communicated to my friends through messages and emails. I very much appreciate everyone who donates!

Here is the link where people can show their support on my TPRF fundraising page.

Do you have a creative idea for how you’d like to have fun raising money for TPRF? Visit this page for more information about how you can make your idea a reality.

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