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Smart Card Application Site

Now Open

The new application site for Smart Cards is now open :

Individuals who have received the techniques of Knowledge, and who do not already have a Smart Card, may now apply online to receive one.   Individuals may also apply for a replacement card at this site if their card has been lost.

A Smart Card is required for registration to some events with Prem Rawat including the Amaroo, Australia event September 11 – 15 of this year.  A Smart Card is also required to attend a Knowledge Review.

EVERYONE who applies for a Smart Card will need to create an online profile. Once you get into the system, you will need to answer 4 questions (3 from the left column and 1 from the right column) to verify your identity. The answers must correspond EXACTLY to the information currently in the database.  (I suggest First Name, Surname and Date of Birth for the left column, as email addresses change over time and the Smart Card name must be EXACT.)

Once you have passed the identification process (which is a one-time requirement only) you will select 3 security questions and will be asked to create a profile for the system. You can update your profile at any time, including contact information.

The Smart Card Administration advised us that they are going to do Spanish translation first, then French and then other languages.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 

Collene Dahlby
Smart Card Canada