Presenting PEP to Canada – Annelies and Marielle are going on the road again


May 7th to 9th 2019, PEP will be introduced at the 5th Biennial Alberta Criminal Justice Symposium in Edmonton, Alberta. The theme is  “Considering New Approaches to Rehabilitation and Correctional Reform” The conference will be attended by experts from Canada, USA and Europe who seek to find better ways to aid rehabilitation. 

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5th Biennial Alberta Criminal Justice Symposium

You Can Help!

Together we can cover the cost of sending Marielle and Annelies to Edmonton. The budget is $2,400 for travel, lodging and registration. To help out, visit and make your contribution. Your contributions will be spent wisely. Every dollar helps!

Your past financial contributions are helping to make things happen across Canada!

A development resulting from Montreal – The head of Psychiatry at a hospital near Saskatoon for federal inmates, is interested in PEP for it’s 200+ bed hospital. And there is new interest in PEP from a Regina organization doing programs for teenagers as a direct result of the Saskatoon Symposium. More to follow on that as it develops!

See what TPRF has to say about the ICPA conference in Montreal and the Saskatoon Restorative Justice Symposium  

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