Ottawa – Gatineau : St. Patrick’s Day Fundraiser for the Kifubon Project


Harp Benefit-Concert

Dear Friends,

This is an invitation to attend a benefit concert on the evening of Saturday, March 17 (St. Patrick’s Day) to support the Kifubon book-giving project.

Over the last few months, a group of Canadian volunteers have been distributing free copies of Prem Rawat’s ‘Splitting the Arrow’ to Correctional Institutes and other worthy recipients across Canada.

Members of the Peace is Possible Ottawa/Gatineau team received fifty of these books from the Japanese publisher Bunya, most of which went to the federal penitentiary in Cowansville, Quebec, where they were gratefully received by prisoners.

Our St. Patrick’s Day benefit, which is being held to raise funds so we can continue helping this very worthwhile effort, will feature Irish music, storytelling and a chance to catch up with each other over refreshments. 

We hope that you will support this event. And bring your friends!

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