News and Thank-You — “Inside Peace” Film in Montreal


Great success for the showing of the

Inside Peace documentary

at Concordia, on October 20th:

110 people attended


Thanks to the teamwork of a tenacious group

and the efforts of several people

who brought their guests,


The atmosphere was very dynamic and guests outnumbered those people familiar with the PEP. Over twenty organizations, universities and CEGEP involved in Peace, Social Rehabilitation, Restorative Justice, etc., have been invited.


There were many questions from the audience regarding the Peace Education Program (PEP), as well as positive comments on the Inside Peace documentary.


For anyone interested in exploring or starting a PEP, simply go to the website and select Peace Education Program in the menu.


A local PEP team in Montreal is happy to offer its support if needed.


Looking forward to working with you all to grow PEP in the Greater Montreal area,


Anne, Berthe, Marielle, Marcel, and Serge