News about local activities and events: Sept 7 – 2014



News about local activities and events



On September 7. There was a local event in Montréal where several people made presentations about new and ongoing activities, as well as upcoming local events.

Here is a summary of what was presented, along with some photos from the afternoon.





Berthe ProvencherBerthe Provencher spoke about the upcoming international peace day activities in Montréal on September 21. The festivities will take place at Laurier Park from 11 AM to 6 PM.

There will be all types of activities in the park, including presentations and music, a WOPG kiosk will be set up to provide information about WOPG and Prem Rawat.

Attractive new business cards, bookmarks and T-shirts have been printed and will be given out or sold at the kiosk. Videos will also be shown at the kiosk and the live stream from will be screened.

Berthe also mentioned that TPRF will be celebrating peace day on September 12 by releasing a new video on their website titled “Citizens of the Earth”. This video will also be promoted on YouTube.



Andrée DugasAndrée Dugas made a presentation about her planned activity for international peace day in Saint-Hyacinthe where she lives.

Andrée had received a photo in an email from a friend and it showed people holding a banner that said peace is possible.  This piqued her interest and she started doing research into international peace day. She even contacted Jeremy Gilley, the founder of Peace One Day, which was the launch pad for the international day of peace on September 21. Jeremy was in Africa at the time, and invited Andrée to an event there but she could not go.

However, Andrée got more inspired and decided to hold an event for international peace day in Saint-Hyacinthe. Through her contacts and with help from others, she was able to reach local deputies and even the mayor to have them accept to be part of the festivities on September 21.




Sonja BallJacques NolinSonja Ball and Jacques Nolin spoke next about the concert for peace that is taking place September 18 at the Lion d’Or. This concert is in conjunction with international peace day and Pacifest.

Tickets for the concert can be purchased online at Proceeds go to TPRF as well as a local charity Santropol Roulant.

There is a great lineup of performers for the concert, which was a great success last year as part of the Hudson Music Festival. To learn more click on this link, or visit the Facebook page.



Gaétan TremblayGaétan Tremblay was next up to speak about the Peace Education Program (PEP). This program has become very successful in many countries and even in Toronto where a program has started in a prison and a senior residence.

Now, there will be a program starting for the first time in Montreal at the West Island Cancer Wellness Center. This initiative is underway thanks to the effort of Jennifer Boire. The program is scheduled to start later this month.

Gaétan also announced that the PEP program is currently being translated into French and some modules should be ready very soon. This will open up new opportunities to offer this program in Quebec.



Anne Delorimier



Anne Delorimier was the MC for this event and also spoke about the advertising program that had appeared in the Metro stations last spring.

She said there is a plan to launch a second series of ads in the Metro very soon. Funds are needed to help with this initiative.




Marcel AllaireMarcel Allaire then came up to speak about the funds needs to cover the expenses for the promotional activities for International Peace Day. This included the purchase of the new printed materials as well as the advertising.

Marcel announced a goal to raise $2,500 through donations and sales of the t-shirts. By the end of the afternoon the goal was reached.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the local funds can do so through the Conventions Plus website.




The afternoon ended with a corn roast and other refreshments. Music was being played outdoors where tables were set up and there was also a WOPG kiosk near the sidewalk where the new business cards were being handed out to passerby’s.