Invitation for Prem Rawat

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Invitation pour Prem Rawat


Premies in North America are inviting Maharaji to do an event. The invitation and instructions to be part of the process appear below:

Dearest Maharaji,

We have enjoyed celebrating your historic 50th Anniversary Year so very much. Thank you for all you do to bring this beautiful message of peace to people around the world.

We are writing to let you know we miss you and are hoping you will do an event in North America soon. As you make your plan for 2017 (even looking ahead to your 60th birthday next December!) please let us celebrate with you. We really need to see you soon!

We are committed to replenish the Event Fund in order to cover the costs for each event in North America this year.

There is nothing like being with you, so we hope to hear from you very soon. With love and eternal gratitude,

Susan Alaimo, Booth Dyess, Steve & Evan McPeters, Dave Cunniff, and Jacques Nolin

Please go to to enter your information and sign the card. The invitation will be given to Maharaji on december 20th.

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    • Ken Royle on 2016/12/19 at 10:32 am

    About 44 years ago, I saw you for the first time. Now, almost 43 years later, I still love to see, hear and feel your presence live. Thank you Prem Rawat for your gift of still being present.

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