“Inside Peace” Film Presentation — June 2017 in Ottawa



The film “Inside Peace” will be presented Sunday June 11th at the Kitchissippi United Church, 630 Island Park Drive, Ottawa  K1Y 0B7

Focused on several hardened offenders doing time at Dominguez State Jail, Inside Peace offers a rare look, not only inside the correctional facility, but inside the hearts and minds of the men featured.

Shot over a period of four years, the film chronicles the progress of inmates at a Texas prison as they are inspired to explore the possibility of inner change following a Peace Class. Unlike most films and TV series dealing with the penal system, “Inside Peace” presents the inmates in their own voices, and offers a rare insight into the challenges they face once set free again.

In the words of the film’s director, Cynthia Fitzpatrick: “I wanted to show the stories of these individuals I came to know, whose lives touched mine as I watched them navigate the arduous journey from inside prison walls to their return home, a journey not only of outward release but of inner transformation.”

  • When
    Sunday, June 11th 2017 at 7 PM.
  • Where
    Kitchissippi United Church,
    630 Island Park Drive, Ottawa  K1Y 0B7
  • Features
    Film “Inside Peace”, by Cynthia Fitzpatrick, United States, 2014. Duration: 77 minutes.
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