Oct 16 2016

PEP – Global Broadcast – October 2016


PEP Broadcast October 2016
Note to our readers: City of Peace has decided to publish the monthly PEP phone call broadcast to its facilitators and volunteers.

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Dear PEP Facilitators and Volunteers:

You are welcome to listen to the October 2016 PEP Global Broadcast which is now available and can be accessed online for one month. Links to the broadcast in English, Spanish and Portuguese are found below.  Also included is a link to an English transcript of the broadcast.

We hope that you find this broadcast informative and enjoyable.

If you would like to contact the Global PEP Support Team with any follow up questions about the content of the broadcast or to submit a request or offer to present on a future broadcast, click here.

Welcome and Introductions: Michel Klamph
PEP Updates: Tony Cardo
Facilitating PEP in Thameside Prison UK: Tony Mclean
Teamwork in Brazil: Ivette Belfort
PEP in Mauritius:
Maoomar Hoota, Geeta Beedassy, Ranjana Bissoonauth
Conclusion and date of next broadcast: Michel Klamph

Broadcast and Transcripts

Click here for English

Click here for Spanish 

Click here for Portuguese

Click here for the English transcript

Click here for the French transcript.

Please share this with your teams.

Warm Regards,

Global PEP Support Team